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Rental Qualification Criteria

A separate rental application must be processed on all prospective residents 18 years of age or older. Background checks are done through Capitol City Credit. All applicants must present a valid form of legal identification and proof of income.

In order to fill out an application all of the following criteria must be met:

1. Income

Applicants must provide a verifiable source of income. The gross combined amount must be equal to a minimum of three times the monthly rent. If retired or unemployed, the applicant must provide other sources of verifiable regular monthly income such as trust funds, investments, child support, alimony, etc.  Applicants who do not meet our income requirement are not eligible. Applicants should be at their current place of employment for minimum 1 year. If less, we may ask for more of a security deposit.

2. Employment

The applicant is to provide proof of employment through copies of the most current paycheck stub (minimum three pay stubs). If self-employed the previous year's tax return. Students must provide documentation of full-time student status; A Guarantor will be required.


3. Rental History

Applicants must provide at least two year verifiable rental and/or payment history from a landlord or  mortgage company. If Applicant owned a home as previous residency, the Applicant must furnish proof of title ownership or transfer of ownership. For first time renters we ask that you provide a minimum of three professional recommendations and we may ask for a larger security deposit.

Denial for residency

An Applicant will automatically be denied for the following reasons:

  • Falsification of any information on the rental application.

  • Insufficient income or cannot provide valid proof of income.

  • Currently in the process of filing or having an open bankruptcy.

  • Evicition by previous landlord.

  • Applicants who currently have charges pending against them for one or more criminal offenses involving violence, sexual offenses, drug-related activity, injury to person or damage to property, including: assault and battery, sexual assault, homicide, possession or sale of an illegal substance, burglary or theft, illegal possession or sale of weapons.

  • Applicants who have been convicted for one or more of such criminal offenses

  • Applicants who have pleaded guilty or no contest to one or more of such criminal offenses.

  • Applicants who have had one or more of such criminal offenses disposed of other than by an acquittal or finding of not guilty .

  • Applicants whose residency would result in a direct threat to the health, safety and welfare of other residents will not be accepted.

















To fill out an application:

Rental Verification Form:

The rental verification form must be completed by your current or previous landlord. 


Once you have completed all necessary paperwork you may send it here:

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